The number of man

A fledgling author of poetry and prose. Welcome to the number of man...

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Here the writer, the unpublished, sit's amidst the tumbling pencils and rafts of unfinished art and broken stories. 

Zero forthefool

Three orthreedaysdidjonahlanguishinthebellyofthegreatfish

Six Thenumberofman

Nine fortheterrans

Heading 3

And through their actions, darkness settled upon all of humanity, and the poet cried for them all.

What I'm About

Bi-Polar, LGBTQ supporter. 

I spend my time between the here and there, wondering which side of the spectrum I'm currently on. I'm the one that watches from the corners. I sadly have an opinion about everything, but I do my honest best to keep it to myself.

What I'm reading today.

I'm in the middle of The Embers of War trilogy, by Gareth L Powell. 

The first book was highly entertaining and so far, the second is also. I'm not a huge Scifi guy but the idea of exploring the universe and meeting up with different factions and races appeals to me.

Gareth works a great narrative with a first person view of his creation.

Well worth reading.


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